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Save yourself and your team thousands of hours & level up your UI design game instantly.

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The truth is: Most design systems & UI Kits are of extremly low quality

This results in a frustrating experience for users who struggle to achieve the desired efficiency and aesthetic in their design work.

Moreover, these systems frequently fail to keep pace with the latest design trends and technologies, leaving users with outdated tools that hinder creativity and innovation.

If you're serious about Figma, Universe is a game-changer. It's incredibly intuitive and has streamlined every aspect of our design process.

Liam O'Sullivan, Lead Product Designer

Are you tired of wrestling with low-quality design systems and UI kit templates that just don't cut it? You're not alone.

We've been there, and we know how frustrating it can be to waste time and energy on tools that don't deliver the results you need. That's why we created a state-of-the-art design system that will revolutionize your workflow and help you achieve your design goals faster than ever before.

Say goodbye to the frustration of limited customization, poor documentation, and outdated tools that stifle your creativity.

Break Free from Mediocrity & Transform Your Design Workflow

Embrace Efficiency, Productivity, and Unmatched ROI:

Faster UI Design
Faster Design to Dev
Time to Market
Return on Investment
for Teams

Say Hello to Universe. Your Answer to Modern Design Challenges

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100% Variables & Design Tokens

Revolutionize your design workflow with fully customizable design tokens and variables.

100% Variables & Design Tokens

100% Responsive & Interactive Components (in 1 Click)

Elevate user experience across all devices with responsive and interactive components, setting a new industry standard for adaptability.

100% Documentation & Style Guide

No more guesswork! Our system comes with detailed, easy-to-understand documentation, making your design process smooth and efficient.

100% Documentation & Style Guide

10,000+ UI Components based on Usability Best Practices

Unleash your creativity with 10,000+ highly accessible & beautiful UI components, each meticulously crafted based on usability best practices & Figma's cutting-edge features.

10,000+ UI Components based on Usability Best Practices

Perfect for TailwindCSS & any other framework

Our design system is built for versatility, ensuring you can effortlessly adapt it to your preferred tools and skyrocket your productivity.

Perfect for TailwindCSS & any other framework

Native Dark Mode & Theming

Elevate your designs with our native dark mode and diverse theming options. Offer your users the ultimate personalized experience, catering to their preferences and comfort.

The Best Solution Made For You

Quick & Easy Customization
100% Variables & Design Tokens
Responsive Layout System
Suuuper Flexible
10,000+ Components & Variants
Fully Responsive & Interactive
Always Up To Date
State-of-the-Art Figma features
Native Dark Mode & Theming
Using Variables, Tokens & Modes
Perfect for Development
TailwindCSS & others

Ready to elevate your design game? Join the ranks of satisfied designers and developers who have made the switch to our superior design system. Don't settle for mediocrity. Choose excellence, innovation, and efficiency.

Upgrade to Universe Design System Today & Get Started in 60 Seconds

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Huge Productivity Boost for the Whole Team

Revolutionize your team's workflow with our design system. Say goodbye to tedious design tasks and welcome a streamlined process that sets new performance benchmarks.

Unmatched Customization

Make it yours! Tailor every aspect to fit your unique vision. With our expansive customization options, the only limit is your imagination.

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Never seen anything this comprehensive before. It's not just a UI kit, it’s a complete design ecosystem. Absolutely worth the investment.

Christian Becker, UX Designer

Our clients have noticed the difference since we switched to Universe. The consistency and quality it delivers are unmatched, making it a clear winner over other UI kits.

Ryan Wilson, Digital Agency Owner

Love how this UI Kit bridges the gap between design and coding. It makes translating design into functional code much more straightforward.

Lucas Van der Berg, Full-Stack Developer

As a design student, Universe has been an invaluable learning tool! The comprehensive documentation and style guide have deepened my understanding of design principles.

Fatima Al-Mansouri, Design Student

I'm blown away by the versatility of this design system. Every project feels easier and more enjoyable now.

Mia Wong, Freelance Product Designer

If you ask yourself: “Is this for me?

This IS NOT for you if…

You're Comfortable with Mediocre Results: If average design outcomes satisfy you and you’re not concerned with the impact of subpar quality on your business or career, our system might exceed your requirements.

You Prefer Your Current Workflow Pace: If the thought of saving countless hours and streamlining work doesn't excite you, our system’s productivity boost might not be necessary.

You’re Comfortable with Falling Behind in the Industry: If keeping up with the latest trends, tools and techniques in design and development doesn’t concern you, then our continuously evolving, cutting-edge system might be too advanced for your needs.

You’re Not Interested in Growing Your Skills: If professional growth isn’t on your agenda, and you’re not looking to elevate your capabilities, then this system might not align with your current mindset.

This IS for you if…

You Aspire to Elevate Your Design Quality: If you're not satisfied with just 'good enough' and aim for excellence in your designs, our system provides the tools and features to achieve top-tier outcomes.

You Seek Efficiency for Individual and Team Projects: Perfect for both solo designers and collaborative teams, our design system optimizes your workflow, streamlines processes, ensuring every hour and dollar spent translates into tangible, high-quality outcomes.

You Need a Cutting-Edge Solution That Grows With You: If staying ahead of the curve with the latest design and development solutions is critical for your success, our product provides just that – keeping you competitive in a rapidly evolving industry.

You Value Continuous Learning and Skill Development: If you are committed to growing your skills and understanding in design, our system offers comprehensive learning resources to keep you evolving.

Get 10,000+ Hours of Design System Experience for the cost of a 1-Hour Consultation .

Team Pro

Elevate Your Team's Efficiency

Save $200 TODAY
$299 USD
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Unleash Your Full Potential

Save $50 Today
$69 USD
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  • 🔥 100% Design Tokens & Variables
  • Single user license
  • Unlimited commercial projects
  • Lifetime access & updates
  • 100% Responsive & Interactive
  • 100% Documentation & Style Guide
  • 10,000+ UI Components + Variants
  • Native Dark Mode & Theming


Kickstart Your Design Project

$69 USD
+ VAT for EU customers
Get Instant Access
  • Save $50 Today
  • 🔥 100% Design Tokens & Variables
  • Single user license
  • 1 commercial project
  • 1-year access & updates
  • 100% Responsive & Interactive
  • 100% Documentation & Style Guide
  • 10,000+ UI Components + Variants
  • Native Dark Mode & Theming

🤑 30 Day No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

Choosing the right design system is crucial and we want you to feel confident about your investment. That's why we offer a 30 Day No-Risk Money Back Guarantee for our Pro version.


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